Trophy Putt

You focus on the round, we'll handle the rest.

Love playing different golf games and wagering side-bets during your round? Let Trophy Putt do all the tracking and game play for you!

Trophy Putt - Golf Games

We're betting that you and your friends play different games. And we're also betting that you are tired of hassling with the tracking of it all as well.

Enter Trophy Putt. You play, we'll track.

Start a game, add your playing partners, and play any number of simultaneous games; at the end of the round, everbody can square up easily and walk away with bragging rights!

Let's play

Available Games

Don't see a game you want?
Send us a request!
9 Point
Round Robin
Coming Soon!
Bing Bang Bong

Additional Features

Track your handicap in real time.
Follow your friends during their rounds even when you're not there!
Access GHIN courses, players, and data right in the app!


Paid plans include all game play and GHIN access to course and player data:

3 months
Save 11% over monthly
Most popular plan
Save 30% over monthly
1 month
Full game access for 30 days


Stuck? Shoot us a note! We love (constructive) feedback, game suggestions, and squashing bugs.

Kindly remember that we're just a couple of part-time golfers and full-time family guys so we'll try and get back with you ASAP (obviously we have to finish our round first).

A request from the developers (that's us!)

Other than cold, hard cash in our bank accounts; the next best way to support us is to use the app and invite your buddies to play each round.

It's gonna make your life easier tracking and we think they're going to enjoy playing as well, as the network grows, everbody wins!

Oh wait, we said request: Play golf and use Trophy Putt. You're our best bet at staying afloat long term!


Does Trophy Putt handle the exchange of money?
Nope. We help you determine who owes what but we are not a gambling app, any transfer of funds between you and your playing partners should be handled outside of our system.

Does my account auto-renew?
Nope. You're buying a block of time. When your time is up and you want to buy more, it's super simple. You already have 324 subscriptions to things, we're trying this model out because we think you'll love it enough to re-up.

Are you in the app store?
Nope. Not yet anyways. We don't restrict to any certain device. Play on your phone. Set up on your computer. Follow other players at your desk. Great. Plus, those app store guys would charge an extra 30%.

Favorite pro golfer
Besides Tiger? Obvs it's not Patrick Reed but other than that, we're pretty big fans of most the guys and gals on the tour.

Do you have to have a paid account to play?
Nope. If your buddy has a paid account, sets up a game, and invites you to play; it's free for you. Have a ball. Our hope is that you'll love it enough to toss a few bucks our way and start inviting your buddies to play.